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Media and methods of nature are as center of infinite learning that can be explored and utilized in the learning process freely. It is because with the nature learners will interact directly with the things around them that are commonly encountered in everyday life. Some of the advantages of methods and media based natural as learning above has been demonstrated by the implementation of nature as a center of learning of Islamic Education at SDIT Sahabat Alam Palangkaraya. The purpose of this study was to describe the implementation of teaching Islamic education based natural environment around at SDIT Sahabat Alam Palangkaraya.             This study used qualitative descriptive approach. The Implementation of this study was done for 4 months starting from September to December 2015. The research was conducted at SDIT Sahabat Alam Palangkaraya. The subjects were teachers who teach Islamic religious subject. While the informants of this research were the principal, teachers, and vice head of curriculum. Methods of data collection was done through observation, interviews, and documentation. While the technical validity of the data using triangulation methods and sources. Data analysis technique using an interactive model that consists of data collection, data reduction, data presentation and verification.             The results of this research was the implementation of nature as a learning medium for Islamic religious education was still not been implemented fully. It was because the implementation on the field was considered less optimal. It was because the characteristics of Islamic religious subjects that are difficult to be integrated with the curriculum (media) nature. Islamic religious subjects which have been applying nature as a medium of learning consisting of Jurisprudence / worship, faith, morals, and the Quran (recitation). The Implementation of nature as a learning medium was also stated in the special programs that support activities Islamic religious subjects including mentoring, camping (Research camp), viewed house (Home visit), Mukhoyyam / Home Stay, Pesantren Ramadan, the Koran Tahfidzul Program and outing. Keywords: Education, Islamic religious Education, Natural Environment Around.

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