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The research was distributed by early observations on the students some SDIT, the mastery of Arabic vocabulary they have not been fullest. This can be caused by many factors. In teaching the Arabic Language, teachers tend to use the old methods such as drills or with the help of pictures. This method required a quick remember but when reviewed, this method still doesn't rewarding significantly when used continuously, especially at the elementary school students, who like a happy learning. To that end, the author felt the need to do research in the application of learning the Arabic language with one of the cooperative learning i.e. make a match model to see the effectiveness of this model to the study of the Arabic language in general mastering the Arabic learning, especially at institutions SDIT Al-Qonita. While the sample is observed in class V, because they have felt learning Arabic language for 5 years, so they could feel the impact of the various methods used in the Arabic learning. The purpose of this research is to know the quality of learning Arabic class V SDIT Al-Qonita with the model make a match. The approach used in this research is descriptive qualitative approach. Data collection was done through observation, interviews, and documentation, and then analyzed in a descriptive through stages i.e. the reduction of data, data presentation, and conclusion. The results showed that this model is very suitable in learning Arabic language, not only proved to be a class V student at SDIT Al-Qonita, but also effective to achieve a purpose learning. In the case of learning the Arabic Al-Qonita in the SDIT Palangkaraya, considering rombel excluding fat class, then the model make a match capable of delivering improved learning in general, in terms of ease of understanding, ease of evaluation, the ease of mastering, ease to train all four language skills (kalam, qira'ah, istima’, and kitabah). Obstacles in the running model of learning in the SDIT Al-Qonita is readiness some of tools is absolute required; alacrity in managing student in case of an unwanted crowd; and it also often takes more than one hour face-to-face (35 minutes).   Keywords: model make a match, learning Arabic language

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