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Latifa Annum Dalimunthe


Crusade (1096-1291) occurs as a reaction against the Christian world in the Islamic world Erofa. Called the Crusades, since military expeditions Christians use the cross as a unifying symbol to show that the war they are doing is holy war and to free the holy city of Baitul Maqdis (Jerusalem) from the hands of the Islamic. The causes of the Crusades (1) Crusades is the culmination of a number of conflicts between the Occident and the Orient, he explained between Christians and Muslims. (2) The emergence of the power of the descendants of Saljuk that won the Asia Minor after defeating the Byzantine army in Manzikart in 1071, Seljuq power in Asia Minor and Jerusalem are considered as an obstacle for the Western Christians to practice their religion to the Bait al-Maqdis. (3) became ruler of Muslim forces in the ocean trade lanes Central. Traders Pisa, Vinesia, and Genoa was disturbed over the presence of Muslim troops (4) Propaganda Alexius Comnenus to Pope Urban II, to avenge his defeat in the war against the Seljuq The impact of the Crusades (1) East People progressive and developed into a major impetus for the growth of intellectual Erofa West. (2) Crusades add European interests in the field of commerce and trade as well as applying some important findings that have been produced by Muslims. (3) The presence of the West has been affecting the Islamic world. Church ornaments influence the art style of the mosque, such as the Al-Nasr mosque in Cairo. (4), Muslims managed to maintain its regions from the Crusaders, but the loss that they have suffered a lot, because the war was going on in its territory resulted in the political power of Muslims become weak and disunited.   Keywords: analysis, assessment of the war. cross

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